We design our programs to help you succeed in a safe and affirming learning environment, giving you the tools you need to become experts in online learning.

We help prepare our staff and volunteers to work with our beautifully diverse communities so they can provide culturally-inclusive, trauma-informed curriculum.

We believe nothing should ever stop a student from learning. By signing up for our programs, you help us help others. Use our Get Involved page to request an Intake.

Online Class

After School Tutoring

Think of it as homework hour with an experienced tutor. Our K-12 students have live access to skilled instructors who provide additional support in Science, English, Math, and Test-Prep.

Individual Lessons: $16/hr

Group Lessons: $10/hr

Piano Practice

After School Music—Piano

This is our 12-week online music program for piano! In just three months, you will learn to read and write music, master various techniques on the piano, and perform accessible concert pieces. 4 Levels available. Lessons are live.

Individual Lessons: $24/hr

Group Lessons: $12/hr

Online Guitar Class

After School Music—Guitar

Check out our online guitar lessons! You will cover music theory, technique on the acoustic guitar, as well as performance. Lessons are live. 

Individual Lessons: $24/hr

Group Lessons: $12/hr

Baking Cookings

Baking, Pastries, and More!

Join our very own Pastry Chef Amanda Best as she gives a class on donuts, sweets and other treats. We individually wrap kits with prepared ingredients and deliver them to your door. Learn a different recipe every time!


Art Class

Arts and Crafts

Bird houses and miniature rocking chairs. Seasonal crafts and holiday wreaths. Join us for our arts and crafts program and learn to create something beautiful and unique.


College Student

College Math Tutoring

Are you looking for placement in Math at your Community College? We help students achieve desired scores in order to place at your ideal Math level. We also help you prepare for upcoming tests and homework assignments. Contact us for our program designed specifically for you! 

Individual Lessons: $18/hr

Group Lessons: $12/hr

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Community Trainings

In order to help build a more inclusive community, we provide cultural trainings. 

Ask us to train on cultural competency and humility. Click here to learn more.